In english, the title means, “When will my turn come?”.  [Hint: It is at least 45 months away]

Stats from TOI

No surprises here, in this news report in Times of India.

As of September 30, 2016, the Supreme Court has nearly 61,000 pending cases, official figures say . The high courts have a backlog of more than 40 lakh cases, and all subordinate courts together are yet to dispose of around 2.85 crore cases. At all three levels, courts dispose of fewer cases than are filed.The number of pending cases keeps growing, litigants face even dimmer prospects of their cases being disposed of quickly.

This is the trend across the country . In high courts, 94% of cases have been pending for 5-15 years. In Allahabad, the country’s largest and by many accounts, an inefficient court, 925,084 cases are pending. On an average, cases take three years and nine months to get disposed.

So why wouldn’t we want to look at Mediation as the first choice of dispute resolution?