Whenever people face conflicts in relationships they get angry, react with abuses or simply stop communicating.
Most people nowadays do not listen to understand but instead listen to argue.
When communication stops anger stays, resentment stays making it a vicious circle.

We have been taught to say sorry and thank you, but no one has taught us how to resolve a tense and conflicting situation.
No one taught us how to express our needs and express fears so that they could be handled.

It commences with siblings, parents, peers at school, friends, teachers, and reaches the spouses.

It reaches the courts where the system does not address the needs and apprehensions of the individual’s but only cold law prevails.

If one learns smart, effective and focused conversation many a relationship could be salvaged.
Just a few smart tips which when used could help nurture expression and make conversation’s useful.

This training does that. It gives you simple yet very effective, practical tools to use when faced with a conflicting situation.
Through the dynamics of improvisation theatre techniques, drama, music, and mock sessions the participants learn the techniques surely and confidently.
Some techniques used in mediations by mediators internationally.

They are proven to be very useful and practical.

The facilitator is Meena Pershad Waghray brings the experience of an advocate and a mediator, while she also teaches the internationally acclaimed, Happiness Program of the Art Of Living in various strata of society.

Good conversations save relationships.

Come sign up and learn a new skill.
Date: 27/10/2017.
Venue: Ashirwad hall. St Marks road.
Time : 9am-5pm
Call: 9886008282
Snacks and lunch are included.