A dentist couple, who seemed to be quite intrigued by the concept of Mediation, asked me about it.

Mind you, this was Mediation, without a T!
I tried to explain to them the nuances of it in a way in which they would find it easiest to understand, so I employed dentistry (I just had a root canal with a few sittings) in getting my point across.
And so I put it into words in the following manner –

“A root canal can be done without its usual elaborate procedure, with simple techniques like massaging.”
This is a technique which one can take to be a revolution in the field of dentistry, the dentists may earn slightly less but millions of people will be benefited tremendously. They got it like a snap. The couple understood that mediation is a simple technique to resolve issues rather than the elaborate court procedures.

For all the dentists out there, worry you not, this is simply a fictitious example!

Mediation is a simple technique of resolving disputes between two parties, with the assistance of an external third party.

Folks, this is a technique whereby you can resolve your issues with the people in your life without having to take them to court for something which can just as easily be resolved outside the court.
And it has many advantages –
1. It is cheaper than a court procedure.

2. It is confidential – which means any conflict of yours will be a private, and you need not worry about it becoming a public affair or being blown out of proportion.

3. The external third party, often referred to as the mediator, is a neutral party and will hear both sides of the story.

Mediation aims to provide a safe space for people like you and me to come out and be able to resolve our day-to-day disputes in an amicable, friendly and harmonious environment.

The couple rejoiced at the thought of such a technique for settling disputes between people, and claimed in unison that this concept should be made popular! They believed that more and more people should know and understand the art of mediation, as it is a helpful way to cope with life without having to go to court.

I believe they were right, and aim to spread awareness about this art, everyone should consider mediation as an option the next time they think of taking a dispute to court and getting involved in the hassles of litigation for issues that can be resolved with less effort and less time outside.

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Written by and with content inputs from,

Meena Waghray

Sanjana Hooda