The tradition of Mediation to resolve issues is very intrinsic to the lives of Indians. We do not hesitate to ask for or take the advice of right persons when needed. We mostly lived in big extended families, and Conflict was an integral part of any group co-existing in a house or a village.

India is in the villages. In case of disputes, the villagers approached the 5 chosen elders who were treated akin to the God.
We have this concept of “panch Parameshwar” the “Five God’s” were the select elders who sat beneath a “pepul”  tree and heard arguments and settled matters with a verdict. This was all considered very sacred as the word of god himself. It was an open court as well. The entire village would participate and ensure the democratic process.

Here is a very well narrated story called “Panch Parameshwar”, by a very famous writer #Munshi #Premchand. In today’s age and time, such narrations are rare to find.

You will enjoy listening to the story, it is in Hindi, so all those who do not follow the language kindly excuse me. I’m looking for translations if any, however, translations are known to NOT do justice to the original. The name of the narrator is not mentioned anywhere to give the deserved credits.