It all started with Ahmad Shah Karimi, who is a Program Officer at Asia Culture House, Kabul, Afghanistan who works very sincerely with the youth of Afghanistan. He wanted to have soft skills training for teenage girls from a school in Kabul.

However, on the decided day, the government declared that the school exams are preponed due to the cold weather and the students could not join. So, a few ladies who form the team of Ahmad Shah joined the Skype call instead of the students.
This was a preparatory Skype call for all of us to get a feel of each other, the language and style of speaking, etc.,

I was not sure as to what to prepare so I decided to let the heart rule the head and went online. The formalities were made and we could actually have some good communication, the language was not such a problem after all. I explained the process of mediation to them and how people go back happier after a session.
I was pleasantly surprised when the ladies asked some very deep questions. They were eager and enthusiastic to know more about the mediation process and the training itself.

The commitment to take this forward is made firm to execute online training.

This is a start to a very exciting journey which has many firsts:

  1. The session outside the country.
  2. The first Skype introduction of mediation.
  3. The first online module in the making.

I am looking forward to a great journey ahead and what learnings will unfold as the sessions progress and I am so ready.

Meena Waghray
Chief Mediator.