This training was another fulfilling one as the law students – all 43 of them – got introduced to the skills of mediation. The lawyers need to know people first, the unmet underlying need that people often do not express needs to come out in the lawyers’ interaction with the clients. This will not only help the client but if the case needs to go to court the lawyer can articulate her/his clients stand better in the court proceedings. This training addresses that need by empowering the students to undergo mocks and learn the communication skills needed. The students participated with energy and enthusiasm and that made this an interactive and interesting training.

The students are very dynamic and are keen to make a difference in the legal field. Their concern was the growing litigation which they wanted to address.

The management, I observed, was eager to help the students in every area they need to grow in. The Dean, Sri. Sandeep Desai, of PES University, Faculty of Law needs a special mention as he works along with the students. Any education system thrives when the teachers participate in the learning process.