This was a very special training. Among the teachers selected was a Special Education teacher who helps the slow learners. The other two teachers were selected because of the fabulous connect that they have with children of the school.
The students find these teachers approachable and often reach out to them in times of need.

The teachers find themselves handling conflicts between students, between parents and teachers and between the teachers as well. It effects the atmosphere as a whole and they often volunteer to talk to the parties and find solutions.
After the rigorous 3 days the teachers were happy to learn that, what took them a long time, a lot of talking and time to manage a difficult situation was actually simple.

They were amazed that keeping a focus on the steps of mediation would help them achieve results much faster and that this is a mature way of handling difficult conflicts.

The field trip that they went for was an eye opener for them about how little people know about mediation. They could come out of the barrier of speaking to new people.

As a trainer I found that the training was rather smooth and I could focus on the subtler aspects easily. Because the fact is that teachers are usually learners. These set of teachers were already empathetic and their mindset steered towards resolutions rather than fault finding. We could focus on the mocks and the technique.

The next step is to set up the first ever Mediation Room in India at the Army Public School, KKamraj Road, Bangalore.