A little India indeed. 

70 youngsters from the remote villages of India underwent a small component of “Skills of Mediation training” yesterday.
All workshops are new and different but this one was different in many many aspects.
These youngsters are undergoing a training program in life skills and soft skills. It’s called the YLTP, Youth Leadership Training Program.

This group of youngsters was very motivated and inspired. Not only did they want to make a difference in their lives but want to transform their villages.

I had to improvise the content as it was too intellectual for them.
The interest levels soared when they started the group dynamic sessions and skit coordination.

One play was magical and I will focus on that.
The entire group of 20 was formed in 2 minutes and they had 5 minutes to prepare and put up a 3-minute skit. The group was mixed and most of them did not know each other’s language. They could not do any introduction of their act. the audience had to guess.

They enacted the entire play in mime ! The coordination was clean, the play moved smoothly like a professional act. A lot of components of soft skills were brought out. That was amazing.
I will share the play when it gets uploaded.

More than anything, this workshop was a huge validation to me that there is a need to talk about mediation and conflict resolution and that language isn’t a barrier!

Indira Merani Ruby Merani Thanks for the opportunity.