The Moot Court Competitions in Law Colleges are getting more and more competitive by the year. Judging these competitions is something I really enjoy. Lately, the preparation levels of the students have gone up a lot and now they come so brilliantly prepared that it is actually a delight to be a judge. They have to manage to speak a lot of law in a very short time and they do it so well. I especially like it when the students take up extra classes to learn the necessary skills.
While the student lawyers become future ready for the profession I often wonder if they are actually becoming “people ready”? Are they being taught to address people as individuals and not as clients alone? People who come to lawyers have come to get relief from the conflicts that they themselves are unable to handle. Often all conflicts need not have to reach the courts. Are the law students taught to handle these? Can the “People Ready” angle be taught to the lawyers?
Or it has to be left to sprout naturally? Almost always I come out with these thoughts after judging moot courts. While the answers are apparent the action is missing. #Lawyers  Mediation Peopleskills LegalEducation