Taste of mediation is an ongoing series to spread awareness of the concept of mediation to people in general.
This is one such fantastic platform where I got the opportunity to interact with the middle school teachers of Royale Concorde School, Kalyanagar Branch in Bangalore.

The teachers were having several induction programs for them before the academic session commences. The day was, to begin with, high energy packed session with the teachers engaging with each other with new visions and plans for the year.

Certainly, on the first day after a month-long vacation, the teachers were dragging themselves back to the grind. This was the mood when we started. The teachers were all seated formally and far away and were compelled to move to the front rows by the management.

When I refused to use a mike the group moved right in the front close to the stage.

The only way to boost them was to play awesome Bollywood music and engage in activities that surprise them and get them together to interact. A round of meditation (note the ‘T’) calmed and further energized the group.

After engaging in some practical and interactive games on simple meditation, the bonding between the teachers became stronger. The hugs, smiles, and laughter was proof.

While at it I introduced them to the concepts of #Mediation and #Conflict Resolution like a teaser. The response was fantastic.
In 3 hours the idea of mediation is planted for sure in these 70 something group. The feedback was fantastic as the concept of listening skill touched the group the most.
When the response is that I would surely go to a mediator for my issues is the proof of point reaching home.

I would be very happy to hold these short 3 hour sessions. I could be reached at mpwaghray@gmail.com to discuss your requirements and customize the sessions to be useful to your workspace.
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