Mrs. Waghray is a practicing High Court lawyer and a mediator. She believes that in today’s day and age students need to learn more than the academics to be future-ready. She is extremely passionate about working with students and always wants to extend a hand to guide and mentor them to work towards their career that has a balance of academics and requisite skill sets.

Along with this, she has also has judged the ADR NLU moot court competition which in her words was an “eye-opening experience” where she realised the need to introduce ADR to the law students in its true essence.

According to her, the legal profession has become very diverse and competitive and the students need to be prepared. Law colleges across the country are embracing newer methodologies of making the academics relevant to the profession. Based on this ideology she has created training programs that help the law students to gain skills of mediation which also cover the focussed communication skills.

She has conducted this workshop for a wide spectrum of audience ranging from college students, school students, the general public, school teachers, etc. The training has been stupendously well-received and video’s of the feedback are available on

The law students today need to be future/career ready. The Law colleges in India are becoming proactive in incorporating mediation Moot Courts and Arbitration cells in the campuses to introduce to the students these concepts which are very essential for all lawyers.

In the recent past, there has been increasing in the popularity of Negotiation and Mediation like the UNCITRAL Working group discussion on coming up with an international treaty like the New York Convention for the enforcement of mediated settlement agreements, and the discussions on the use of mediation in resolving international investment disputes.

In India too, the courts are seeing a rise in the cases being referred for mediation. The most recent being of this month (August 2018), where the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka has helped a family arrive at a settlement through a series of negotiations and mediations.

The law students cannot find their footing in the profession without the essential skills of Conflict Resolution and focused communication.

This seminar would help law students get a perspective on a case and help the students to earn the essential skill of understanding what mediation is and its importance in resolving matters.

We look forward to bringing Mediation to the students of your Institution and hope this will usher a possibility of avenues for students and a new beginning. Eagerly looking forward to hearing from all those who are interested in adding value to the students in colleges, High Schools and Universities.

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