Peace loving people with leadership qualities have always volunteered to intervene and diffuse situations whenever they see a conflict. They are all around us, look carefully within our families, organizations, apartment complexes, the heads of committees, heads of initiatives, citizens groups or closer home our parents, aunts, uncles, etc. All towards the betterment of society.

All these people who believe in resolving conflicts around them when they learn the techniques to be EFFECTIVE, SMART and be RESULT ORIENTED and be more productive and effective.

You could be a Homemaker/Householder, HR personnel, senior citizen, Head of an organisation
A teacher at the school, a Principal, College professor, lawyer, doctor.
A resident of a colony or of an apartment complex, basically anyone who believes in diffusing tensions caused by people in conflict can learn a fine way of solving issues. Anyone can learn to be a mediator. Anyone can mediate.

We are surrounded by conflict and conflicting situations all the time. They reduce the energy and effectiveness of the work at hand. the results become poor.

While we have been taught about a million subjects in the education system,
we have not been taught how to navigate through difficult situations and some skills to diffuse them, to nip problems in the bud. We have not been taught to hold relationships higher above issues. Today we see that issues and problems have taken a higher stand than the larger picture of togetherness.

It’s most unfortunate that when these small arguments and difference of opinions lead to a permanent closure of relationships. When they reach the threshold of courts that marks the end of a family, a friendship, a home. When these numbers increase the fabric of the society starts shaking.

We all need to work towards nurturing harmonious families, friends, and communities as a whole. Each and every action big or small add up to a larger picture.

Last word: People need not go to courts at the first instant they need to go to a family member, a friend or a neighbor, or a colleague at work.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution skills training where you learn, rehearse the language of conflicts at the mocks is a great way to equip oneself. The training needs to be focussed towards empowering the participants to instantly use the techniques. They must see a shift and results immediately.

We at have created tailor-made short and long modules to teach people conflict resolution through mediation.

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