The three-day programs are really intensive. What I try to do in these sessions is to build muscle memory related to Mediation so that the process seeps in, in a short time. This means, there is significant repetition and several mocks so that everyone gets to participate and hone their skills.

I loved this course and a couple of things stood out to me. First of all, Ms. Rajashree Vijay (Asst Professor Ramaiah College of Law)was the chief coordinator of this program and without her help, this program wouldn’t have been possible. She ensured that all the logistics were in place and all I as a trainer had to do was to focus on the delivery. She would very often come and check if the program was going smoothly and if I needed any help. Small things like this go a long way in ensuring that I can focus on the training and forget about logistics.

Secondly, the culture of a place gets driven by the leadership at the top. The principal –

@Dr. V Shyam Kishore – came in on the last day of the workshop to distribute certificates despite having other pressing commitments. One of the participants had a cast on her leg and he promptly walked to her to hand over the certificate. Small gestures like this show the care and concern for the students and faculty and go a long way in building a wonderful working culture.

Last, but not the least, the students were a delight too and they were sensitive enough to cater to my needs. I had carried my lunch and needed some curds/buttermilk, I casually asked if it is possible to get some, and one of the students – Advait – carried a paper glass full of buttermilk all the way to the 4th floor ! I’m sure that was some balancing act. I found the culture of the college where the staff is looking out to the well being of the students has a lot to do with students being ready to learn soft skills like mediation.

This was a session that happened on the eve of the Ayodhya verdict, I’d like to point out that the mediation sessions conducted by my dear Gurudev went to a large extent in resolving this conflict. The SC order mentions that.

While people view Mediation in terms of binary output, they miss the larger point – Mediation opens the doors for conflict resolution even in the most intractable problems. This is a skill that every aspiring lawyer should have.