Wednesday, July 11, 2012*

You don’t have to go to court anymore.

When matters concern relationships … “relationships” matter. Relationships are meant to be nurtured especially when they are going through rough waters. So they could sail through and not always end. And if they do end they need to close well. 

Be it divorce proceedings or family partitions, disputes between traders, sellers, neighbors, employers, societies, landlords, etc,When a case is filed in the courts they take away a lot from the Litigant. Time, money, energy, peace of mind – We all know that. Whether settled or not the bonds are broken. Often never to be repaired.
Many a time the parties wonder why did they file the case, to begin with. But there is no looking back.

Fortunately, we have an answer at hand. You don’t have to file a case and wait for the relief to come if at all it does. You could opt for Mediation. It is an intelligent provision under Section 89 of CPC, as one of the ADR(Alternate Dispute Resolution System).
Before you consider filing a case or if you are already having a case pending check out mediation first. You don’t have to go through the whole process like in a conventional court.

Why Mediation?

Because in a Mediation-
– Matters settle quickly in a maximum of 90 days !!
– Time could be well spent with family or business rather than in the courts.
– “You” will be heard. Not your Lawyer. (A Fundamental Right)
– It’s cheaper than Arbitration and regular cases 
– It’s FREE because if the case settles the entire court fee is refunded.
– The proceedings are Completely private and confidential.

The Mediators are trained to be neutral, impartial, patient, they are unbiased a third party who facilitates and not advise or intervene.

The parties control the proceedings. They can express fully.

Mediation is for the parties at dispute to resolve well.

No one enjoys a court proceeding lets give MEDIATION a chance.

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This blog is for making mediation popular among the litigants, students, lawyers, anyone who wants to file a case at any time in India. It will grow to be very resourceful to everyone. The cases given here are ALL real.No names and places are used for confidentiality.*(This post is from the blog by Ms. Meena Waghray)