Monday, February 6, 2017,*

Mediation between cousins.


Mediation between the cousins over the inherited property based on an oral will.


This mediation got triggered on a Whatapp. The family wants to settle a property dispute based on an oral will. The cousins are scattered all over the globe. The question now is “who will bell the cat?

The following are some simple suggestions given to them with regard to the benefits of mediation.
1. It is faster. People arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions in a few sittings.
2. It is more reasonable than court litigation.

3. It helps healthy communication happen.

4. Keeps bitterness away.

5. Everyone concerned with the case gets a voice.

6. It helps you towards better relationships than before actually.

7. When unresolved matters linger there is unwanted stress affecting the health of all concerned.

8. Going legal especially, in this case, would mean expensive, long court visits.

9. The next generation will benefit when the documents are concrete and in place and have been arrived at with mature consenting adults. ( A legacy far better than the property in question).

10. They also learn the value of resolving issues through dialogues. Rather than rushing to a court.
* This post is from the older blog by same Ms. Meena Waghray