A Common Sense Approach to Resolving Civil, Family & Commercial disputes, out of court.


The Mediation Process is truly empowering. The outcomes lies in your hands and you as a party decides what you want.


All proceedings are confidential in nature. Conducted in a private enclosed place. Enabling tough and sensitive conversations.


Mediation is truly a cooperative process that enables parties to resolve conflicts amicably and at significantly lower costs



Save your time, effort and money by resolving conflicts out of court. Significantly cheaper than litigation costs and all within the purview of Indian Judicial laws.

How does Mediation work?

  • All the parties to the dispute meet with the Mediator either individually or jointly.
  • All the relevant information is shared.
  • The Mediator facilitates the process of arriving at a mutually win-win solution. Unlike traditional courts, the Mediator does not impose an outcome. It is completely upto the parties to decide the outcome.
  • The Mediator acts as a neutral facilitator, helping the parties arrive at an outcome.
  • At the end of a Mediation process, a mediation agreement is prepared, when needed.
  • The Mediation process does not in any way prohibits the parties to seek out judicial remedy if needed.

The Mediator is the secret sauce


Mediation is an effective, practical and confidential process to resolve disputes in the area of family, civil or commercial disputes. Today courts in India are burdened by excessive litigation resulting in cases dragging for years and thereby increasing the costs. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution technique that empowers parties to arrive at a win-win solution. A Mediation Process works not becuase of the process but because of the Mediator.



“I approached Meena when I was on the verge of filing for a divorce. The Mediation sessions we had with Meena helped us resolve our disputes amicably. Today, we are in the process of going through a mutual divorce process rather than what would have been an ugly courtroom battle. The Mediation process helped me sort out things. Meena brings a very calming influence to the entire process.”