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The 3 day Intensive for High School Teachers.

This was a very special training. Among the teachers selected was a Special Education teacher who helps the slow learners. The other two teachers were selected because of the fabulous connect that they have with children of the school. The students find these teachers...

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The Need for Mediation Centers in Schools

One of the fundamental life skills needed is the skill to deal with conflicts. Who is teaching this skill today to our young ones? Young kids in school, when faced with conflicts or difficult situations tend to react in a certain way - they either argue fiercely, get...

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Open Mediation Intensive Training Jan 2019

Mediation Intensive Training January 25 to 27th, 2019 Mediation is a skill that anyone can poses. It needs fine tuning, and thats exactly what we do at the 3 Day Intensive Training. It helps people stay out of court. mail to mediateoutofcourt@gmail.com for queries....

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It was a phenomenal training

– Rekha Kurup (Founder, SheStandsTall Project)

Meena is a very authentic person; her spirituality radiates in the mediation session

– Mediation Client

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