The Taste Of Mediation

Program Overview and Objectives:


In this workshop we will learn the fundamental skills needed by a Mediator to mediate a conflict. Conflicts arise in a dynamic setup and need a dynamic way to resolve them. In this workshop, we lay the foundations for what it takes to be a good mediator.

Conflicts are not unique and special they are somewhere similar and common to all. Only the players in it bring the uniqueness. In this workshop we focus on this uniqueness of individuals and leverage it as a tool to resolve conflicts.

We look at conflicts and its dynamics from both an individual capacity and as well as a group. We dive deeper using a unique theatre based methodology that brings spontaneity and creativity and helps in cultivating a solution based mindset. This is a major part of the workshop that helps us get deeper within the Mediation framework.

In India, our family, friends and society form an integral part of our life. This community is a strong support. As they say it takes a village to raise a child, the community you move within can be a huge support system to resolve conflicts. We learn how to leverage this community in the right way.

The workshop is not the usual run-of-the mill training program, do not expect the usual corporate slide-ish kind of workshop, but if you are looking to roll your sleeves up and jump into the group dynamics, you would take a whole lot away from this program.

This course serves as the building block to attend our 3 day intensive Mediation Certification workshop.

Course Schedule

  • Everyone assembles by 9.00 AM
  • Workshop commences at 9:30 AM
  • Break every 90 mins
  • Lunch break around 1:00 PM
  • Close by 5:30 PM

Who should Attend?


  • All those looking to become Mediators.
  • Anyone who is interested and willing to learn the art of Mediation and solution based approach to resolving conflicts.
  • Anyone who believes in a community based living and understands that we are essentially social animals who need to learn some skills to coexist.


Drop me a note at mpwaghray (at) gmail (dot) com