Rekha Kurup,  
Founder –  SheStandsTall Project

Today I completed a 3-day Mediation Intensive training with Meena Pershad Waghray – advocate of high court of Karnataka and Chief Mediator at It has been something I have been deeply passionate about.


I am honored to be certified as a civil, commercial and family mediator. It was one of most hands on, dynamic and practical training with intense moments of real-world scenarios, deadlock impasse moments, and experiencing the prpcess of mediation unveil. Looks like it is also Indias first private intensive 3-day training on mediation.


Mediation is quite new process for aiand catching up real fast. It is a dynamic, structured, interactive process where a neutral third (being the mediator) assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. In india, where people spend so-much time , money and mind in conflicts and court, mediation is a working alternative.


Here the parties get the opportunity to be heard, probed, engaged on their conflict within the sphere of complete confidentiality that allows them

Complete freedom to come up with offerings and concessions that they can mutually Agree upon. So many situations can be settled this way without having to go to court.


I look forward to deepening my learning and experience in the real world with the guidance of Meena Waghray.


We are going to create the next wave of mediation in India. So look out and seek us out.

Law Student, Ramaiah Law College, Bangalore

…life skills, empathy and understanding is what we need… did not just teach us to be mediators, but much more

Lipi Parashar
Law Student, Christ College

Lipi Parashar, postponed going back to her home town for her vacation to attend this 3 day intensive training,

…it was worth staying back and now when I am going home, I am carrying something very worth-full with me, the leadership stuff you taught on day 1, that is something I will be taking back with me and my parents will surely see it.

I just did not learn theory of Mediation, but something that I can implement in my personal life…


Navya is a student of Law and usually finds that training programs are boring and have no recall value as all they do is listen to people and hardly get to do anything.
This hands on workshop from the word go was a great learner.

Keertana is a law students and she is fascinated with the idea that solutions to problems could be arrived in a step by step process.
She says that her career decision is set and that is to be a mediator.

Gowri is a student of law, “We all got an opportunity to mediate and learn hands on”.


Anitha volunteers to work with several social causes. One of then being furthering her mothers endeavour to give woollen shoes for the elderly. She did the training out of curiosity and is now getting mentored to become mediator. She is coordinating the day long workshops.

Shiv Kumar, here is an leading trainer at the Art Of Living Foundation.


He likes to work with people and enjoys learning skills that go to enhance his people skills.

He says that he learned to be more patient and listen to both sides of the story and avoid passing judgements quickly.

Parvathy and Sudarshan are students of 11th standard at the Army Public School K. Kamraj Road, Bangalore. They underwent the “Young Mediators Training 2017”.

Both are extremely shy students and they had to say that they learnt to communicate and realised the importance of listening.


Vishal Jhunjhunwala is a Business development manager at Sumeru Enterprises, and is also a trainer with the Art Of living Foundation.

He says that he understood that he must be less judgemental about his partner which he used to do a lot. He feels confident that he can intervene in any issue between people and help them facilitate”.



Vivekananda conducts the popular Happiness Workshop as a trainer with the Art Of Living Foundation. he underwent a day long workshop on “Divorce Mediation”,

Often people approach the teacher after the sessions and seek advice on their marital issues as they develop a relationship of trust.

Vivekananda often found himself at a loss of words to guide people.

He found that the training gave him some very professional pointers to handle people when they approach him.

The quantitative way of tackling solutions is what he liked most at the training.

is a Supply Chain Consultant, and also an Art Of living trainer.
She underwent the day Long “Divorce Mediation” training conducted exclusively for Art Of Living Teachers.

She found the training very structured, and the live demonstrations and the interactive sessions found it good learning.



Shri Sudeep Agrahar is a General Manager at TTK Prestige LTD.,. he is also an Art Of Living Trainer and volunteers to work with people.

He underwent the Divorce Mediation training Workshop specially for Art Of Living Teachers. He feels that this training will help him personally and take his personal relationships to another level.

While he feels equipped to help other people to handle their issues as well.

Pooja and Preaksha, are students of class 11 in Army Public School, K Kamraj Road Bangalore. who underwent the first “Young Mediators Training”, in the year 2017. 

We learned about many things about ourselves which we did not know. We learned about responsibility & leadership.

We thought that this is going to be a boring training but it was too much fun. Rather than telling us she made us to do things and learn from our experience. We would like to attend more courses like this.

Malavika and Nihara are students of 11th standard at the Army Public School, K Kamraj Road, Bangalore. They underwent the first ever “Young Mediators Training” in India, in 2017.

It helped us to grow a lot and be better people, We have become active listeners, we realised that, listening solves most of the problems.
It helped me with my anger management as well.
First we used to fight with people but we never knew that first w e have to calm ourselves, and listen to their points. We learned to resolve conflicts.

We had several mocks that make us feel very confident.