Three Day Intensive Mediation Certification Program


Program Overview and Objectives:


By the time you complete this training, you would have had a very thorough, experiential, hands-on experience of conducting mediation sessions and you be confident to go out on your own and mediate any conflict. That’s a promise!
As the name says, this is a three-day intensive program starting from scratch and building your skills step-by-step in the art and skill of mediation. We look at conflicts and its dynamics and we use a unique theatre based methodology that brings spontaneity and creativity and helps mediators to cultivate a solution based mindset. 
This is not a cookie cutter, taken from USA and delivered in India, Mediation training program. Our society has deep roots and always had a way of resolving conflicts within families and society, we use that knowledge base and build upon it to learn how to Mediate.
This workshop is not the usual run-of-the-mill training program, do not expect the usual corporate slide-ish kind of training, but if you are looking to roll your sleeves up and jump into the group dynamics, the learnings would be immense. You will be called upon to participate in each and every activity – group discussions, case studies, mock mediation sessions, de-briefing sessions etc.
The program doesn’t end at the end of three days, on the contrary, it starts. All participants are eligible for a six months free mentoring that allows you to hone the skills further and apply your learnings by leaning onto a mentor.


Course Schedule

  • 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Lunch break at 1PM

Who should Attend?


  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their conflict resolution skills.
  • Law Students/Advocates/Lawyers who want to enhance their practice by learning Mediation skills.
  • All those who are in the HR department / have an interest in soft skills can participate.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is a must to attend the program.